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Graham Daniels – Frontline Evangelism – evening meeting in Hove

Graham Daniels from Christians in Sport joined us for our Sussex Ministry Trianing Course 'special day' on 23 February 2016 to look at the matter of 'Frontline Evangelism' from another perspective and consider the huge potential. Graham then gave a talk on the same topic in the evening,…

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Two Books in a Day – Jonah and Naham

Rupert Bentley-Taylor joined us at the Sussex Ministry Training Course on 2 June 2015 when he expounded the books of Jonah and Nahum.  We were very pleased to welcome over 30 extra guests who booked to join us and hear Rupert for this ‘special’ training course day.  You can listen to the talks

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Crucial issues in the life of the church

These two recordings are Bishop Wallace Benn speaking at an SGP Partnership Church

28 February 2010
Jude verses 1-4, The faith that must be preserved

7 March 2010
Jude verses 5-25, The authority that must be obeyed

14 March 2010
Anniversary Service,…

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Partner Organisations

We work with partners to help strengthen and expand gospel ministry.