We are first and foremost a gospel partnership, committed to the prayerful proclamation of the gospel as the means by which God brings lost men, women and children to saving faith in Christ. We want to do all we can to work together, help one another and spur one another on to present the good news of Jesus Christ to people attractively, persuasively and unashamedly.

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Training Courses

For any who want to deepen their faith and be equipped to serve, the SGP provides opportunities for training in understanding and handling the word of God through Bible-centred training courses. There are two course formats. The day-time, mid-week Sussex Ministry Training Course (SMTC) is a one to two-year course run on Tuesdays in Cuckfield, near Haywards Heath, each year. The Saturday Morning Bible Training Course (SMBTC) runs monthly over two years in various locations.

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Ministry Trainees

There is a great need for men and women equipped and eager to serve in full-time gospel ministry at home and abroad. We long to see more and more people committing their whole lives to the work of the gospel. To help make this happen the SGP encourages and helps churches in Sussex to offer Ministry Training Schemes. Such schemes provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about gospel ministry as part of a local congregation by undertaking one or two years of full-time service, discipleship and training.

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Equipping Leaders and Church Members

The SGP runs regular conferences, seminars and other shorter training courses for those serving in and leading local churches. These include a 7 day course aimed at equipping experienced Church Ministers for their next decade of ministry and also Training mornings throughout the year covering topics of interest to both leaders and other Church members involved in ministry within their local Church. Short courses on a variety of topics are also available to Partnership churches.  

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Sussex Youthworks

Sussex Youthworks is the youth and children's task group of the SGP, and we aim to encourage and resource biblical youth and children's ministry across Sussex. We do this in a number of ways. We run a twice yearly training programme for youth and children's volunteers. Sorted by the Sea is a termly evening for youth groups centred around teaching the Bible faithfully and engagingly in the context of a great evening together. We offer to act as consultants to Partnership churches wanting to move forward in their youth and children's ministry and we point people to good resources available elsewhere.

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Church Planting and Revitalisation

Sussex a significant county not just in its population of 1.7 million people, but its potential influence as so many of its residents commute to London, or to its own cities of Chichester, Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. At the SGP, we are committed to the prayerful proclamation of the gospel as the means by which God brings lost men, women and children to saving faith in Christ. We need gospel ministers to plant and revitalise churches in a huge diversity of areas if we are to reach the residents of Sussex with this great news. We need those who can reach cities and those who can reach towns and villages; those who love urban life and those who love rural life; those who can engage students and millenials, and those who can engage the middle-aged and elderly; those who might begin a work within the LGBT community and those who might begin one within the farming community. That's why we have set up a network called The Titus Network, dedicated to supporting, equipping and recruiting people who share our passion forĀ  local Churches that will proclaim the gospel in every community in Sussex. Please visit the Titus Network website to find out more.

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Partner Organisations

We work with partners to help strengthen and expand gospel ministry.