Leaders’ Training Morning – March 2018

‘Who are we?’ is arguably the most pressing question of our age. Rejecting the knowledge of God, we have lost the knowledge of ourselves. A crisis of human identity, unbridled individualism and confusion over our responsibilities have swiftly followed. More than ever, as Christians, we need a firm grasp on the doctrine of humanity created in God’s image. Understanding this Bible doctrine equips us both to challenge the cultural assumptions of our day and speak to its deepest longings. Equally important is understanding the impact of the fall on our humanity. This equips us to challenge the prevailing culture of victimhood and speak the truth about the reality of evil.'

These are the themes David Shaw opened up for us at our Leaders' Training Morning on 7 March 2018.

You can listen to the two sessions by clicking on the links below.

The aim of these three mornings a year is to equip leaders and others for teaching and discipling in the local church. Future events are advertised on our Events Page.


Session 1 Session 2

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