Leaders’ Training Morning – March 2018

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‘Who are we?’ is arguably the most pressing question of our age. Rejecting the knowledge of God, we have lost the knowledge of ourselves. A crisis of human identity, unbridled individualism and confusion over our responsibilities have swiftly followed. More than ever, as Christians, we need a


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Come and See – March 2018

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Rory Bell joined us again from TnT ministries to help us think through How we Teach Bible Narrative to Children and Young People. You can listen to the three talks, and download the handouts, by clicking on the links below.

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Partnership Meeting – February 2018

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Nick McQuaker spoke from Exodus 14. You can listen to the sermon by clicking on the link below.

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Melvin Tinker – Is God Guilty of Genocide?

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You can listen to the audio file from this event by clicking on the download link below:


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Come and See – Purely Preschoolers

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'Come and See' events are run by our Sussex Youthworks team three times a year.  You can see the 2017/2018 flyer with all their planned event dates by clicking on the images below. In June 2017 the focus of 'Come and See' was 'Purely Preschoolers'.  You can listen to the session and see the…

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Partner Organisations

We work with partners to help strengthen and expand gospel ministry.