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2017 ANNUAL CONFERENCE (adult tickets)


Saturday 18 November 2017

ETERNAL – Living for eternity in a now culture

Have we taken our eyes off the eternal, even in our churches? It’s not surprising if we have. We live in a secular age, in a world with no awareness of anything above or beyond itself. It’s a NOW culture. The waiting removed from wanting, entertainment for immediate download, instant messaging, news an hour old is old news, the present imposes itself like never before.

Losing our eternal perspective is disastrous for our Christian lives. It leaves us ill-prepared to live as pilgrims in the present; ill-equipped to handle sorrow and loss, or to resist the temptations and enticements of this world; unready to make costly, sacrificial choices for Christ or to suffer for his name’s sake. But the Bible connects us to the eternal God. It extends our horizons to eternity and calls us to fix our eyes on what is unseen – for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Join us for a day in God’s word, focussing on the unseen, meditating on the eternal, and learning together to be more heavenly-minded so that we can be more earthly good.

Marcus Nodder has been the senior minister at St Peter’s Barge, London’s only floating church, since 2004. He is married to Lina and has four children. After studying Modern & Medieval Languages at Cambridge University he had a brief spell in banking. Since then he has been in Christian ministry. He is a graduate of Oak Hill Theological College.

The cost of £12 per adult includes refreshments.  Please bring your own packed lunch.

We are also pleased to be able to offer a programme of children’s activities and Bible teaching alongisde the adult programme for children from pre-school to Year 11 at a cost of just £2 each.

For children under 2.5 a supervised creche will be available during the two morning sessions, free of charge.

Book your adult tickets below, remembering to select your first and second seminar choices.


SEMINARS (See flyer for details)

A – Redeeming our attitude to time

B – Shaping our choices in the now

C – Making sense of final judgment

D – Seeking the city to come

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